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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

VLX project

Customer wants a custom VLX 600 but not a rigid. I got some ideas from a Jap bike mag. Before you comment, I know it has turn signals and mirrors. Some people will always trade safety for cool. Don't ask me why.

Simon's shovel

An old riding mate from London built this Shovel over the course of a couple of years. He's kind of a numpty, but he and Lee did a fine job on this one. I believe the pic is in Cornwall, at a place called St. Michael's Mount.

Like Father, like son...

Built this cheap chopper for my son should he want it. He won't have to worry about scratching the paint or dropping it. Spray can paint job, everything else is swap meet or homemade.

70s Flashback

Building a Honda 750 chop in the 70s style. Gotta do it before I forget the 70s altogether.